This series is what started me down the path of realizing there was a war going on.

Thanks to my good friend and colleague Joseph Stedler, I was introduced to an entire world that I was previously unaware of.

Stedler is a qAnon, by the way, and his research and depth of knowledge was helpful in breaking down my previous belief system and exposing me to a system of control which I previously had no idea existed. (I thought it was all a conspiracy theory).

What followed was many months of depression, as my mind realed from the information and my brain had to find a new way to navigate the world. I became a skeptic of almost all commercial media (and still am) and it has changed my life and my relationships (including my relationship to God).

Episode 1: The first time I’d ever heard of Q

Episode 2: The unraveling of the cabal

Episode 3: What can we do?

Episode 4: What about Trump?

This episode includes special guest Mike Zaal, organizer of the grass roots movement in North Texas called “Restore The Republic” (upon which my youtube channel is now named).