img_0145It’s 3:32am (so the log should actually read 11/10, but I’ll write again tomorrow) and I’m awake and alive.  It’s been an amazing 36 hours.

I slept on the boat for the first time last night.  I slept fitfully, with tons of dreams, and yet awoke at 5:46am completely rested.  Sleeping on a boat with the portholes open to the wind, with no sound except for the lapping of the water off the stern, is an amazing experience.  It was kind of cold, and I did not pack enough blankets, nor did I pack a heater.  I’m going to ask Tom (the previous owner) about heating the boat – perhaps an electric blanket is in order?

Today marked so many firsts:

  • The first day to sleep on the boat
  • The first day to awaken on my boat
  • The first day to make a green juice on the boat
  • The first day to (attempt) take a shower on the boat (the shower did not function well – long story)
  • The first day to have conference calls and webex/gotomeeting with video from the boat using my Verizon WiFi (worked perfectly, by the way!)
  • The first day to be at the helm, away from the dock, under power
  • The first day to have an engine problem (port engine overheated)
  • The first day to dock the boat (I did it perfectly, YEAH!)
  • The first day to experience coming off the boat and seeing the difference that high tide makes on the dock (WOW – when I went to sleep it was a 6″ step down to land, when I woke up at 2am it was a 3′ drop!)
  • The first day to pop a champagne cork off the back deck!
  • The first day to watch the election results (Trump won…wow)

Here are some pics to try and describe the experience.

Here’s me – yesterday, prior to sleeping on the boat:


Here’s me during election-day news – deciding to go to sleep instead of watching what was happening.

PS: it’s not that I don’t care who’s elected, it’s that I know without a doubt that we are in good hands (God’s / The Universe / My own) and that no matter who wins or loses it will all work out for good.  I use this mantra (coined into words by one of my great friends Hayley Hunter Hines)
“Things ALWAYS work out for me!”


Here’s the green juice – which turned out great!


Here’s my new office (when it’s too windy or too cold on the deck to take calls)


Here’s the fuel filter I need to have spares of:


And here’s the captain’s log of the sea trial:


And after I created a short list of things to do (in excel – ’cause I’m a geek)


Here’s the fun stuff, however.

Popping champagne after the sea trial:

And the final thoughts – at 3am