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Why book me?

I’ll challenge, antagonize and entertain your audience.  They’ll be inspired, excited, and they’ll learn.

As an educator and public speaker, as well as a corporate trainer for many years, I bring my own brand of humor and intellect to an event.  Here’s the truth – most speakers are boring.  Most corporate and/or social events lack depth.  When you attend a function where there’s a keynote speaker you’re terrified of a ‘talking head’ and an audience that can’t decide whether to yawn or to leave.

How can you know I’m good at this?

I have a regular J.O.B.  Every day I demo and pitch cloud computing solutions to bankers.  Seriously…to bankers.  This is extremely technical information (boring) delivered to bottom-line-oriented thinkers (bankers).  The chance for boredom or for me going way over their head with techno-babble is huge.  I bridge the gap.  It’s entertaining, engaging, and exciting (yes – cloud computing can be exciting!)

A bit of history;

Having built and sold two technology companies and dealt with a large array of human interaction challenges, I’ve learned what makes people stay interested, stay engaged, and learn.

In 1994 I began as a corporate trainer teaching Microsoft technologies at New Horizons.  After three years I was hired as the lead trainer and course developer for Southern Methodist University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.  I taught the trainers there how to teach from a place of audience engagement.

In 1997 I self-funded my startup “Ewing Technical Consulting Incorporated (ETCI)” and grew it to 2MM prior to selling it to External IT in 2007.  I then started “Virtual Empowerment” and built out the first multi-tenant virtual disaster recovery environment based in SunGard in Richardson, TX.  I sold that company in 2009 to Compushare who was then purchased by D+H (Davis and Henderson).

I’ve worked extensively as a manager, CEO, project manager and process architect/developer, and of course as a technologist.  The nuts and bolts of this experience brings me the following knowledge (the equivalent of a PHD from the school of hard knocks);

  • Over 6000 hours of classroom training experience – teaching 25 students at a time.  I came to a deep understanding of what it is that helps people stay engaged and in ‘learning mode’, regardless of the type of learner (hands-on, auditory, visual).
  • The struggles of starting up and running a company, handling large projects (work with City government clients, airlines, etc).  Dealing with personality differences of clients and employees taught me to use my intuition as well as my head.
  • Selling – marketing, educating, selling, and the tough close of a fully hosted computing model.
  • The challenges of negotiating and selling a company (twice).
  • The tremendous struggles of going through a 2-year lawsuit (after the purchaser of ETCI defaulted on over $750,000.00 of debt).

Oh – and if you’ve read my book “Screw The Facade: Self-love Without All The Messy Cleanup” then you already know I’m a funny genius.

Ideal Audiences

Corporate Training

Audience: Executive leadership
Focus: Understanding personality dynamics and cultural differences (esp male/female).  Unblocking communication boundaries.  Dispute resolution and emotional intelligence.
Cost: $400.00/hr plus expenses

Corporate Events

Audience: Modern cultural startups looking for someone to inspire the troops into action.
Focus: Creativity, unblocking communication boundaries, dispute resolution, emotional intelligence.
Media: I’ll bring visual and audio content to reinforce the message and keep the audience 100 percent engaged.
Cost: Minimum $3000.00 plus expenses for up to a 1.5 hr presentation

Social groups

My passion is educating on male/female interaction within the context of a love relationship.
Audience: men/women/mixed groups, couples, singles
Focus: Understanding masculine/feminine polarity, how and why it’s important, getting to know yourself through your personality
Media: I’ll bring visual and audio content as well as provide extensive audience participation and Q&A
Cost: Negotiable, pro bono for the right partnership opportunity

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