I’m sitting on the back deck of my lakehouse right now – my heart hurting for my 14 year-old dog Katie.  She’s in severe pain right now, and her mouth is bleeding.  Doc says she probably has cancer and I’m afraid she won’t make the journey on earth for much longer.

Next week I was planning on heading to Rhode Island and sailing a monohull boat down to Florida (a lady needed it moved for her, so – free ride).  I just can’t see Katie making this trip now, so I’m going to have to cancel it.  🙁

I think the revised plan will be to head to the Annapolis boat show (runs from the 6th to the 10th).  I’m just following my intuition here, so there’s no telling what’ll happen next.

If I do decide to move onto a boat (liveaboard) I’ll document the adventure and you all can follow along. 🙂