Yup – seriously, I drilled a 1/16″ hole right through the keel today (from the inside).  I was trying to mount a float switch for the center bilge pump (the one I replaced a week ago) and thought it’d be a good idea to drill a pilot hole for the mount.

Seriously, that fiberglass is only 1/2″ thick on the bottom of the keel (at least where I drilled).  Turned out I was right next to a through-hull fitting that had been removed, so the glass is thinner there (at least that’s my current theory, sans breakfast).

I wrapped another stainless screw with teflon and filled it in.

I ended up finding a big piece of stainless to mount the switch too so I don’t have to drill in the bottom of the boat (never again, at least not in that spot).

I’m curious to see what I’ll end up with when we do the next haul-out and bottom job.  I keep finding stuff that’s been dropped / left in the bottom of the bilges / engine room that tells me some semi-pros were hired to work on the boat.  (If I was doing the job I wouldn’t leave shit down there if it was my own boat – and I’m truly NOT a neat freak).

Anyhow – it’s rainy and cold today in Lake Charles, I’m not planning on moving from Laeburge casino today (or tomorrow).  I’m going to go get breakfast, gamble, and enjoy a Saturday watching football.  Then tomorrow I’ll watch church on FB (renaissance church with Danny Mack in case you’re curious…it’s not like a bennie hinn thing) and clean on the boat.

My shower was interesting today, by the way, not just because I’m extra filthy, but because we have wind advisaries with gusts up to 40mph so the boat is a rockin’ like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s a trip taking a shower in a rocking boat.

Peace love and elephants,  James.