Thank you for your interest in the TFAB matrix test.

TFAB stands for Thinking/Feeling, Alpha/Beta.  For a sample output, scroll to the bottom.

This matrix is a tool developed by myself to help others understand the dynamic between in a relationship (usually intimate, but can be business as well).

Note: I’ve had several people express fear about finding out the results of this test, as though I’m going to tell them that they’re incompatible relationally or sexually with their partner.  To clarify: This test does not show compatibility or lack thereof.  The results of this test, however, can be used by you and your partner to forge a better understanding of one another, better communication, and an overall more fulfilling relationship.

To participate, I need you (and your partner if you’re with someone) to take two free online tests and input your result(s) in the form below.

Step 1: Take the 16 personalities test here:

This personality test will spit out your results in 6 areas, we’re only looking at the third one (Thinking or Feeling (T/F)). We need the % of T or F that you scored.  If you scored a T, then enter a positive number, if you scored a F then enter the value as a negative number (this is solely for graphing purposes, there is no relationship to positive/negative nor male/female gender).

Step 2: Take the Alpha/Beta test here:

Enter the results in the fields below and I will email your results matrix back to you within 2 business days.

Thank you so much for your input!

James Ewing

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A sample output is below:Sample results

What these results mean to me are as follows:

First, we look for a 45 degree angle between the scores.  It’s clearly there, we also look a the distance between points, from our research so far their distance is near ideal for both good communication and good polarity (good lovin’, so to speak).  Too much distance between the points and, although the tension would be high, the partners would have trouble relating to each other in verbal communications and would have to work on this.  Too little distance and it would feel like you’re roommates or business partners (which is great if that’s what you are).

Here are the details for this particular couple (in an intimate relationship):

  1. Partners A and B both scored in the Feeling section of the graph (on the left).  This means that both partners use their emotions or gut instinct more than they do logic in order to guide their decisions. In this case it probably means that within their relationship things are great from a communication perspective, but there are times when both partners have trouble making a decision, especially if their gut instinct doesn’t agree with one another.  They should both be aware that this is a talent or strength, and not worry about trusting each other’s ‘gut’.  Also, if they are going with ‘gut’, Partner A should pay very close attention to Partner B’s gut feeling, as Partner B is more intuitive than Partner A.
  2. Partner A has a T/F score more on the thinking side than Partner B, meaning Partner A should be ‘wearing the pants’ so to speak in a general sense.  If Partner A wants to enhance the polarity, by the way, simply go into ‘thinking mode’ more often (in other words, be more stable and less emotional, and not let themselves get sucked into emotional storms, especially as a result of Partner B).
  3. Partner A has a huge range of Alpha/Beta score, which means that there are some things Partner A really feels passionately about being the decision maker on, some things that don’t matter, and some things that Partner A would much prefer Partner B to take the lead on.  Not so with Partner B, as this person scored on a low alpha mid beta level, in other words, Partner B would prefer Partner A to take the lead most of the time.

This test will be free until I run out of time to handle the post-results calls.