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I’m working on paperwork today, filing things and packing to prepare for the move to the boat.  Mother nature decided to pour down rain, making inside work take priority at the moment.  I’ve filed away two years of paperwork, bills, titles for toys, gear, and other stuff.  I’m remembering with clarity that I haven’t filed taxes for last year yet.

That’ll have to be done after I’m on the boat.

Getting postal mail handled is going to be easy for me initially, since I have my good friend Chad looking after the place.  Long term, however, I don’t want to make him do that stuff.  I think I’ll sign up for Paytrust ( after a few months.

My company has issued me a new Dell laptop (I call it ‘the brick’) which runs windows and has a VPN installed on it.  VPN!???  Who the fu** uses VPNs these days?  I hadn’t logged on to a VPN in 5 years until today.  Geeze.

Anyway, technology is something I have to take very seriously for this shift.  My job revolves around having good voice, video, and low-latency Internet connections at all ports.  For this task I did two things: 1. I upgraded my iPhone to an iPhone 7.  2. I purchased a Verizon MiFi from Nexus technologies with unlimited data on 3g and 4g.  For where I’m planning on going (gulf, east coast, the keys, and the US Virgin Isles) it should be the ticket.

I kept the huge data plan on my iPhone with a hotspot option just in case ATT is faster than the MiFi when I’m in certain ports.  I’m going with a small inverter for the MiFi initially, hoping that I can run forever on 12 volts and not have to run the genset all the time.

Well – back to packing.