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Fuck fear – life is awesome.

It seems to me that every time I get nervous about the outcome of a situation, I waste time, energy, and sleep when I should just not take the damn thing so seriously and enjoy whatever is about to show up.

Now before you run away thinking this is another gooey tree-hugger inspirational article about the wonderment of life from some successful rich dude who doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle, read this;

Sometimes life sucks balls.  Sometimes I hate my life, and in the past I’ve hated myself.

The most recent session I had with my mentor Kelly Marceau brought me head to head with a very interesting situation.  I posed the following question to her;

“Kelly, on the heels of coming back Belize for 11 days, I found out that my proposed comp plan was rejected by my employer.  I want to move to Belize late this year, and be able to focus solely on my writing, speaking, and coaching, but yesterday I got an offer to get stake in the game on a company that is looking for an exit strategy.  It’s right up my alley in the cloud computing world and I could be looking at a payout of over a million dollars in 2 to 3 years.  It would cost me a lot more time and work as well as travel compared to my cushy work-from-home job today.  Do I put off going to Belize and take this offer for the money?”

It’s a great dilemma to be in, one that I feel blessed to have to contemplate.  Her answer (and mine): No, don’t take the offer, it’ll distract you from where your heart is leading you.

Strangely, while driving to a client meeting the next morning, I found a podcast by Ty Harmon called ‘escape velocity’.  What an awesome podcast at a time when I really needed it.  I won’t steal his thunder with the details but I will say that his analogy in the first podcast is awesome.  He compared the situation I’m in with a hostile planet that had it’s own gravitational pull.  The escape velocity needed to escape this planet must be greater than the gravity (fear/debt/whatever) of the planet.  The whole analogy resonated with me.

My planet=my job and my debt.  It’s a hostile planet with limited freedom and fraught with risks of a global impending disaster (they could fire me at any time, for example).

My space suit=the preparation I’m doing (had already started last year) to get out of debt and not need a job (or at least not one that pays so much).

My rocket=my work in writing, speaking, and coaching on relationships and sex.

My rocket fuel Part 1: My passion for helping people love to their fullest, and have the best sex of their lives.

My rocket fuel Part 2: My desire to be free from working for someone else, and free to set my own schedule and make my own rules.

My mission control (Houston): My girlfriend / partner Misti who keeps me grounded and not taking life too seriously.

My destination: the black of space (opposite of being ‘in the red’) which equals debt-free living on the island of San Pedro in Belize.

Thanks Kelly.

And thank you Ty Harmon – your podcast is what I needed right when I needed it.