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site de rencontre pof forum Why book me?

rencontrer des hommes hollandais I’ll challenge, antagonize and entertain your audience.  They’ll be inspired, excited, and they’ll learn.

my response As an educator and public speaker, as well as a corporate trainer for many years, I bring my own brand of humor and intellect to an event.  Here’s the truth – most speakers are boring.  Most corporate and/or social events lack depth.  When you attend a function where there’s a keynote speaker you’re terrified of a ‘talking head’ and an audience that can’t decide whether to yawn or to leave. How can you know I’m good at this?

rencontre femmes ile de france I have a regular J.O.B.  Every day I demo and pitch cloud computing solutions to bankers.  Seriously…to bankers.  This is extremely technical information (boring) delivered to bottom-line-oriented thinkers (bankers).  The chance for boredom or for me going way over their head with techno-babble is huge.  I bridge the gap.  It’s entertaining, engaging, and exciting (yes – cloud computing can be exciting!)

cool flirten A bit of history;

find Having built and sold two technology companies and dealt with a large array of human interaction challenges, I’ve learned what makes people stay interested, stay engaged, and learn.

my review here In 1994 I began as a corporate trainer teaching Microsoft technologies at New Horizons.  After three years I was hired as the lead trainer and course developer for Southern Methodist University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.  I taught the trainers there how to teach from a place of audience engagement.

rencontres amoureuses seniors In 1997 I self-funded my startup “Ewing Technical Consulting Incorporated (ETCI)” and grew it to 2MM prior to selling it to External IT in 2007.  I then started “Virtual Empowerment” and built out the first multi-tenant virtual disaster recovery environment based in SunGard in Richardson, TX.  I sold that company in 2009 to Compushare who was then purchased by D+H (Davis and Henderson).

site rencontre fourmies I’ve worked extensively as a manager, CEO, project manager and process architect/developer, and of course as a technologist.  The nuts and bolts of this experience brings me the following knowledge (the equivalent of a PHD from the school of hard knocks);

  • Over 6000 hours of classroom training experience – teaching 25 students at a time.  I came to a deep understanding of what it is that helps people stay engaged and in ‘learning mode’, regardless of the type of learner (hands-on, auditory, visual).
  • The struggles of starting up and running a company, handling large projects (work with City government clients, airlines, etc).  Dealing with personality differences of clients and employees taught me to use my intuition as well as my head.
  • Selling – marketing, educating, selling, and the tough close of a fully hosted computing model.
  • The challenges of negotiating and selling a company (twice).
  • The tremendous struggles of going through a 2-year lawsuit (after the purchaser of ETCI defaulted on over $750,000.00 of debt).

Oh – and if you’ve read my book “Screw The Facade: Self-love Without All The Messy Cleanup” then you already know I’m a funny genius.

Ideal Audiences

Corporate Training

Audience: Executive leadership
Focus: Understanding personality dynamics and cultural differences (esp male/female).  Unblocking communication boundaries.  Dispute resolution and emotional intelligence.
Cost: $400.00/hr plus expenses

Corporate Events

Audience: Modern cultural startups looking for someone to inspire the troops into action.
Focus: Creativity, unblocking communication boundaries, dispute resolution, emotional intelligence.
Media: I’ll bring visual and audio content to reinforce the message and keep the audience 100 percent engaged.
Cost: Minimum $3000.00 plus expenses for up to a 1.5 hr presentation

Social groups

My passion is educating on male/female interaction within the context of a love relationship.
Audience: men/women/mixed groups, couples, singles
Focus: Understanding masculine/feminine polarity, how and why it’s important, getting to know yourself through your personality
Media: I’ll bring visual and audio content as well as provide extensive audience participation and Q&A
Cost: Negotiable, pro bono for the right partnership opportunity

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